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Since 2015 SOS and The Hershey Company have partnered with local schools in the Assin Fosu region to bring youth development through sport to the children of cocoa farmers living in Ghana.  Children and youth attending the camps receive soccer instruction, nutritional support, and life skills lessons.  The camps not only serve children and youth, but have provided local educators and coaches a venue for networking. 

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In 2018 & 2019 SOS, The Hershey Company, and local health care providers partnered to provide free health screenings in three rural communities. Guests to the clinic received 

height/weight, blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, and vision screening.  In 2019 over 100 guests to the clinic were fitted with prescription lenses.

Interested in supporting free health screening to rural residents? We are collecting used prescription glasses for distribution in summer 2020.  Contact us if you would like to conduct an eyeglass drive in your local community. 

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In 2016 SOS supported the establishment of a school library at the FOSCO school in Assin Foso. Linking US schools to Ghanaian communities, SOS was able to provide a full library of gently used educational texts covering a broad range of academic disciplines and grade levels. In 2018 SOS provided funds to hire local carpenters to build tables for the library.  2019 SOS hired local carpenters to build tables for a primary school classroom at the Assin Darmang school. 

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Past Partnerships

Guinea: 2009 - 2012


 Soccer Outreach Services partnered with the Victory Soccer Center in Guinea, West Africa to provide holistic youth development to young people in underserved rural villages. Victory Soccer Center is a 3 - acre outreach complex with a guardhouse, 3 sleeping huts, and an eating hut. Under construction at the center is a full-sized soccer field and a 30 yard by 20 yard synthetic turf field. Additionally, plans are underway for classroom construction, a basketball court, and several small-sided soccer fields. Through our partnership with the Victory Soccer Center, SOS aims to provide material support to the building project and to provide annual on-site coaches and player training sessions. 

2016 Guinea Project Update 

In response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Guinea the Guinea Project has been placed on hold.  We remain in contact with our local partners and will post updates regarding development of the soccer center as they occur and become available. 

2013 - 2014 Guinea Project Update
The planting of Bermuda grass on the fields at the Victory Soccer Center is now finished, the perimeter wall is nearly complete, and the synthetic futsol court is installed. 

2012 - 2013 Guinea Project Update

​A big thank you to Kailin who raised a total of $2346 through her softball fundraiser! All money raised were used to complete the construction of the living huts at the Victory Soccer Center. 

Summer 2012 Guinea Project Update

​Soccer Outreach Services' Cofounders traveled to Guinea, West Africa to conduct 4 weeks of soccer clinics, providing holistic youth development for boys and girls in the region.

Sri Lanka: 2013 - 2014


 Soccer Outreach Services travelled to northern Sri Lanka in 2013 and 2014 to conduct several soccer camps for youth in the region. In response to special invitation, SOS expanded it's work to include northern Sri Lanka during summer 2013. SOS was invited to work alongside local leaders to assist in their Sport for Development and Peace Program for Youth. SOS conducted two soccer camps in Kilinochi and Mulankavil. In the summer of 2014 we returned and worked in Jaffna. Combining these sites, SOS trained over 1,000 players and provided needed soccer training equipment to local teams. The youth in this area have grown up during a time of civil war and local leaders introduced organized soccer into the region in an effort to enrich the lives of the youth living there. In partnership with these leaders, SOS provided much needed logistical and material support for these programs, using sport to assist in developing future leaders in local communities. Through sport, SOS used sport as an instructional tool in teaching teamwork and peaceful conflict resolution. Each year, SOS conducted two soccer camps and provided training for local coaches. We also provided much needed material support through the donation of nets, balls, uniforms, cleats, and training equipment.